RDCV Membership

Membership of Royal Docks Communities Voice means playing a part in making a neighbourhood all can be proud of. It's up to Members how big or small a role they wish to play, the commitment level can vary. As an RDCV Member you are welcome to contribute content and stories to the 'Word on the Docks' Newsletter, to help RDCV keep Members and the wider public informed about events and activities throughout the year, and to play an active role in spreading word in support of local causes.

RDCV are committed to promoting and developing fairness in community engagement, equality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them. Only your essential details are required, and while not compulsory the survey questions that follow will help RDCV understand who its membership is, to strive for diverse representation and to act in an inclusive manner.

Note: Your details will be kept confidential and not circulated. For a complete outline of how your information is used, see RDCV's privacy statement here: http://www.rdcv.org.uk/privacy-statement
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Although not mandatory, this and the following questions help RDCV understand its membership and make efforts to ensure diverse representation.
To promote knowledge exchange and shared learning, please share any specific experience/expertise you might be willing to offer in support of local groups and/or activities.

Royal Docks Communities Voice will protect your data and will use your email as a means to send you periodic communications in the form of a newsletter.

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